Deluxe Bootcleaner Deluxe Bootcleaner Deluxe Bootcleaner 

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Deluxe Bootcleaner

Stainless Steel Frame

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The stainless steel* deluxe bootcleaner comes ready to fight the elements. The product was designed to advance our Deluxe Bootcleaner to a Stainless Steel frame to provide more protection for bootcleaners located in harsher environments. As stainless steel is more resitant to rust it is better suited to be thrashed by the elements but also performs better in high compliance areas like food production/manufacturing.

The Stainless Steel frame holds 3 brushes in place filled in durable and rugged polypropylene bristle and each brush can be individually replaced when worn. 

* We use 5mm thick grade 304 Stainless Steel with a 2B Finish - 304 grade is the most versatile and widely used authentic stainless steel, due to its corrosion resistance

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