Animal Scratching Brush Animal Scratching Brush Animal Scratching Brush 

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Animal Scratching Brush

600 Long with 370mm Overall Diameter

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This is our standard option for general stock scratching brushes. Measuring 600mm long with a 180mm OA diameter core and a 50mm Square drive to fit over a shaft. The ends of the brushes can also be removed to slide over a fence post as the core Internal Diameter is 130mm. Filled in 1.4mm Polypropylene which is firm and hard-wearing. If you would like a specific size or spec give us a call on 0800 692 787 or email us at and we can all chip in for animal welfare.


These scratching posts are commonly used for Cows and Horses but will suit all livestock - maybe not overly wooly sheep. These brushes can bring a real level of comfort to animals keeping them happy and healthy, designed to keep livestock from damaging on-farm structures and fences. 

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