Pure San Hand and Surface Sanitizer Pure San Hand and Surface Sanitizer Pure San Hand and Surface Sanitizer 

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Pure San Hand and Surface Sanitizer

5 Litre

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PureSAN is a pH neutral, non-toxic sanitiser that contains no hazardous chemicals. This sanitiser is not only suitable for hand sanitising but also surface and general cleaning sanitisation. The main component of PureSAN is electrolysed water (also known as hypochlorous acid) which is made by combining water and salt and applying an electric charge.

Electrolysed water has been tested and used as an effective disinfectant in the food industry, for water treatment and is used in hospitals as a sanitiser and for cleaning wounds. It has been proven to be effective in killing a range of pathogens including norovirus, salmonella1 and SARS (coronavirus) as well as a many microbes that commonly occur in food processing plants. Electrolysed water has been shown to be more effective at reducing bacterial load than a commonly used quaternary ammonium disinfectant

Chemical data sheets available. This is a non-hazardous product and is designed for use in food production, processing and production.

For more information on Hypochlorous Acid click HERE

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